spangled skies

We were designed for the reciprocity of love, so I will love you always, regardless of those imperfections that we all inevitably possess.

My darling, you are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Just a thought: we, as Christians, often fear the ridicule of others, because our beliefs contradict those which are commonly accepted among society. We disguise the truth, hoping that if we remain quiet about our faith, we will gain the approval of our peers. However, we neglect the fact that it is not us that these persecutors are targeting directly when they utter insidious remarks; it is our Saviour that receives the full extremity of this abuse. For us to remain silent about the one thing that matters above all else is ludicrous and selfish. He died a sacrificial death so that all people may experience life beyond this temporary existence, and although God set eternity in the hearts of men, sometimes people need encouragement to seek His presence. In consideration of the magnitude of all that He has sacrificed, coupled with the truth of everything He is, we must not, and cannot, be ashamed.

We are called to love people, and what better way is there to do that than to show humanity His love?

Forgive me, but do you ever reminisce in the years that have past and wonder where exactly the time has disappeared to? Having lived for over eighteen years, I feel wholly dissatisfied knowing that, although I have traveled to South America on a missions trip, as well as to New York various times for the same purpose, among other things, nothing truly substantial has transpired. I do not necessarily have large regrets concerning my past, but I understand full-heartedly that there exist many opportunities to share the one thing that matters most- my faith- that I have neglected to take advantage of. And more than anything I wish I had.

In the years shortly after Jesus’ resurrection, the Bible speaks of the church growing and increasing by numbers in the thousands, on a daily basis nonetheless. I want a passion for the Lord in which those around me can feel His presence in a way that is tangible and experience His indelible, unconditional love through the person I am. I want my life to be defined by everything that He has classified as virtuous in order to give a true depiction of my blessed Saviour.