Perhaps I am just an enigma, but does it not bother you to hear people utter crude jokes and sarcastic remarks at the expense of someone else’s dignity? Today I witnessed this as I often do, but for one reason or another it struck me more than usual, and I felt not only sad, but disappointed and convicted. As people spoke of the “misfortune” of knowing certain individuals and then proceeded to laugh at their idiosyncrasies, I felt sorry for the victim and offender. These judgments were passed without any knowledge of the heart of the one who was being gossiped about.

Why do we constantly pass judgments, when He is the only one with the right to judge? We are called to love without hesitating to question whether or not the person receiving that love is worthy of our affection, nor do we have the authority to say that what they do is degrading to their reputation. we need to accept others in their entirety. And why are we so cruel to those whom we are called to love unconditionally- those whom we are supposed to walk with through trials and tribulation and encourage in faith and spirit? Far too often we forget that each person we encounter has hidden in their hearts secret scars, and wounds still festering from bitterness and pain. And can we engender change, not only amongst others, but also within ourselves?

Father, renovate me.

It pains me to witness people suffering alone. And perhaps my love cannot mend your scars, whether they be crimson or white depictions; and maybe my hugs cannot squeeze your broken pieces back into place, but I offer my hand in friendship and my heart in love. You are a beautiful human being, created by a God who loves you ceaselessly and unconditionally, regardless of the imperfections that we all inevitably possess; I love because He first loved us. Moreover, I promise that I will never judge you, for that is not my responsibility nor is it my right, but, if you will allow it, I will walk with you through your darkest valleys and rejoice with you in your victories. No one should suffer alone.